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Originally Posted by Countdown View Post
Scott, This sounds like something only a rocket scientist could do. Can you create a file with just the basic (low resolution) path and the Benchmark map path?
Like I said, I have is Big Dog's very crude Saved tracks, and someone elses hand drawn tracks.
I don't have any Benchmark maps, so unless you can provide a link to a scanned one online, I can't do anything with that. I need a scanned JPEG or GIF. And it has to be to perfect scale so everything lines up correctly when overlaid in GE.

What I will do today is post a Google Earth file that will have overlays of each state map from, plus the tracks you posted, plus the tracks wbb posted.

I'd rather teach a man to fish than give him a fish, so it will be up to you to to draw the tracks (paths) in GE yourself. It's no more difficult than in Mapsource, except GE doesn't have a join tracks or break track tool. Once you have a series of GE paths drawn, even a caveman can save them and convert them into a GDB or GPX file using THIS tool.
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