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Originally Posted by wbbnm View Post
I assume you meant West and not East.
Sorry, yes West, not East.

Ok Jerry, here's my mega Google Earth file for the Great Western Trail:
Right-click the link, and "Save Target As...", then open it with GE.
This has all the map overlays from, all aligned to their proper location.

I set the transparency for each map such that you can sort of see the lines marking the trail, yet still see through the map image to the GE roads and terrain below it. You should not enable more than one of the overlay maps at a time, or things start getting pretty hard to see. To turn them on or off, ckeck or unckech the box beside the map name in the "Places" window on the left side in GE. Also, when trying to draw a path in GE, I find it helpful to adjust the transparency level to highlight either the overlay map, or the GE imagery below. To adjust the transparency level, RIGHT-Click on the overlay map name in the GE "Places" window, select "Properties", then adjust the slider bar to make the overlay more or less transparent. With these fine instructions, even a caveman could do it!

Also included in the GE file are the two GPX files you guys posted earlier. You can see right away which GPS tracks follow the paths on the maps, and which ones don't It appears the paths drawn on the maps from are somewhat rough, in that they don't always exactly match existing roads, but rather were drawn sort of as smooth flowing lines in the approximiate locations of the roads.

It turns out I've accidently ridden a bit more of the GWT than I thought. The section between Tuba City and Bitter Springs lines up with what I rode earlier this year. I included my tracks for that section in the GE file. I also had drawn tracks that match well with the section between Cameron and Tuba City, though I didn't actually ride that section. It think parts of that section are not heavily traveled, if at all, and may not be passable by larger adventure bikes these days. Somebody hurry up and ride that before the road is completely taken back my Mother Nature!

I included the gas stations I'm aware of in the Northern Arizona section.

It appears the Big Dog tracks don't follow these GWT maps except in a couple of areas.

Though my tracks between Tuba City and Bitter Springs are where the GWT line goes, I highly recommend going along the edge of the Grand Canyon as Crawdaddy did in his "Navajo Overlooks" track instead. The views along the edge of the Grand Canyon are WAY better than what you'll see East of there.

Other than the short sections around Tuba City I didn't add any further tracks, but with this GE file it shouldn't be too hard to do that for the whole length.
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