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Originally Posted by Countdown View Post
I can open it and see it all out of focus. How do I get a .gpx file of it?
Something's not working with your Google Earth if it's blurry. Did you give it a minute to download the imagery before deciding it was blurry? If you're internet connection is slow, it could take a bit longer to get the clear imagery. You should be able to see even a bush 3 feet wide in most areas. I can usually see single track trails if they are not under tree cover. Given what you do on a daily basis, you REALLY need to get GE working properly, and spend a little time learning a few of its basic features, like tilting the view to see 3D perspectives of the mountains and terrain. You could save yourself so much time by taking a peek with GE before you head out looking for stuff like that Pony Express stopover. Remember you had been looking for it for a long time, and I found it on GE in about 15 minutes!

There's not much to see if I convert my GE file into a GPX. It's all the same stuff you guys posted, plus just two new tracks I added into and out of Tuba City. The real value is looking at that stuff overlaid with the maps. It gives a completely new perspective of the whole thing.

In the time since I posted that GE file, I've been drawing tracks in GE over the top of the map overlays. In about two hours I've probably got over 300 miles of new tracks for the GWT that are not in either of your files. This approach of having the maps overlaid on GE, and being able to see the actual roads on the GE satellite imagery directly below the GWT lines on the overlaid maps makes it so easy to draw tracks it's laughable!

I've also been able to see which of the GWT paths go places motorcycles could not go. There are clearly sections that are for hiking only. You could spend a lot of days and a lot of gas running into dead ends of you tried to ride that stuff without seeing some of the details in GE.

If you want my help getting up to speed on GE, let me know and we'll spend some time on the phone walking through it. And I'll walk you through the simple process of converting a GE file into a GPX file too!
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