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Originally Posted by tommyg View Post
I was ready to buy L.A. Noir thinking it was gta set in the 40s, but reading reviews it sounds like you have to stick to the story line. Not alot of free roaming. i wanted to be a bad cop , beat confession out of people etc. Ill probably rent it first.
I don't think it will let you do that...but there is plenty of roaming around that you can do...and there is this thing called street crime (I think) that has little missions scattered around.

I really enjoy this game quite a bit...not sure if I like it better than red dead or not.

I have never done any of the GTA games....are they like this?

The graphics in LA are amazing...the wife was just looking at it last night like she was watching a movie...she hates video games, and was sitting there telling me she is a know she is not telling the that is a mark of a good game...get non gamers intrested.
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