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Originally Posted by 1stiski View Post
2011 is an official #6 for us.

Organized by DGRS2 and 1stiski, both of us have been longtime ADVrider members and yes almost 95% attending our 6th annual event are ADVrider inmates. We don't have the largest event, but we put on a great event, those who attend, never go away hungry and dissappointed. The rides are well thought out, Offroad or DualSport, abilities are taken into account on the level of who is attending, we don't believe in throwing a newbe into a dangerous situation, and moderate our rides on the fly for the group. The most important, is the ADV atmosphere shared each evening following a great meal, beer, entertainment , and stories from old and new friends.

I'm not trying to be a hard case , But why do people want to put every rally in annual ADV Rally thread . There are lots of places to post NON ADVRIDER.COM Event.

Just post it in Upcoming or Regional . EVERYONE wants to post their Rally or their favorite Rally or the Rally they think is the best . Hell one guy wanted to post Sturgis .

All this does is clutter up the thread . And Defeats the purpose of having a place to post the REAL ADVRIDER.COM RALLIES . These Rallies are a way of meeting and hanging with other ADVRIDER.COM RIDERS

Most of us go to other Rallies and enjoy the hell out of them . I got nothing against other Rallies . I just can't understand why folks feel the need to ask to make an exception for their Rally.Somebody explain that to me. I think personally they don't read the rules , and then get their feelings hurt .
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