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Originally Posted by hammerhoot View Post
Here's where we get stuck, it seems like riders 1 and 3 never pair, and if they did, do riders 1 and 3 have to both tap the "A" button to let rider 2 join in? Or do we just leave it alone? Please help!!
I haven't done a 3+ rider pairing yet, but will have the opportunity to try this Friday. But here's some things to remember:

A bluetooth connection is always point-to-point, only 2 radios are involved. The G4 is kinda neat in that is has 2 radios, so you can create 2 point-to-point connections at the same time. This is what the A and B buttons are all about. The G4 can also take traffic on the A channel and forward it to the B channel (and visa-versa), so it seems like everybody is on the same channel (but they are really on separate connections).

So, to make a 3 way connection, one guy is going to be using both of his radio channels at once, he has to hit both the A button and the B button, in order to connect everybody. The other two riders are going to be using one channel only, to talk to the middleman.

And when you are pairing up radios, I don't think it matters if you use the A button or the B, so rider 1 could be using his A button while rider 2 is using the B button. The A and B buttons are local choices, they aren't relevant at the other end of the connection.
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