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Actually there are two issues here. One is the barely noticeable handlebar shake at 15 - 20 mph that to an experienced sidecar rider is hardly noticeable and easily controlled with just the weight of the riders hands on the bars. Actually we rode it a couple of times and almost didn't feel it as we were accelerating through it at a faster pace. Because this is a new experience the rider is trying to get used to the sidecar by driving around slowly at almost the exact speed where the shake is worst wondering what is going on. I hesitate to suggest speeding up to ride through the shake like I would because I don't know if the operator will be okay with the steering method which is the opposite to two wheels.
The second issue that I am constantly concerned with is we have a new operator on the rig with no experience or training learning these things the hard way. While reading a book about riding with a sidecar will help some it is in no way the best learning tool. California actually believes you don't have to have any type of motorcycle license or training to operate a sidecar. In my opinion this is not right. Unfortunately, there is no way legal or otherwise to insist new sidecar operators get the proper training to help them stay safe while learning.
A damper will of course help with the minimal shake but this is still not going to solve the lack of proper training. Does anyone know if there is any training available in California?

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