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Originally Posted by Sparrowhawkdesign View Post
Actually while trail reduction can help reduce the steering effort and also greatly assist with reducing shake it is not always possible to totally eliminate it. Many things effect steering shake. Loose bearings in wheels, swingarms and steering heads, loose or flexible mounting systems, worn tires or just poor alignment all have some input. With all these accounted for if there is any more than a very minimal shake at low speed when I test a rig I always install a damper. In this case I did not think it was an issue as I drove it several times (It is a fun bike.) and only barely felt it a couple of times. After a few adjustments it seemed to be mostly gone and not an issue.
The difference here is that even a very small shake on a sidecar can scare the daylights out of you if it had happened on a two wheeler. If all you have is two wheel experience then the first time it happens with a sidecar it can be an unnerving experience. I do not expect it to be an issue on your rigs.
thanks for the reply, barry.
i really appreciate the continued education
i am eagerly anticipating the learning process and promise to muster up every ounce of restaint i have as i learn this new method of travel.
this is going to be great fun, thanks to you and everyone at DMC
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