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Originally Posted by KSP View Post
I am glad to report the second and third and fourth ride went much better for both of us. By the third ride there was little to no wobble and on the fourth ride with passenger there was no wobble at all. What a difference a day makes. We will keep on practicing and take it easy. I don't think we are going to install the damper. We are considering a trip up to Washington to take a proper sidecar class though. I think our money would be better spent there. Plus I could go visit Evergreen College (1 year).

Barry I haven't seen any training down here but I haven't looked very hard.

She is awesome and I may need to start saving my pennies but I may be catching the sidecar mania.
happy to hear that "time in the saddle" is making everything better
as for SIDECAR MANIA... i'm ALREADY thinking about what Jay and Barry can conjure up for me next
hmmmmm... i really hope that my wife isn't still reading my posts here...
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