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Originally Posted by lastplace View Post
I know the idea of a bar-mounted cross-bar is not new. Of course!

I'm just saying that Italrally seems to have some clamps that are flat out copies of the ones I designed. The shape, angles and dimensions are exactly the same. Even the machining detail is the same. Someone bought a set from either me or Renazco and copied them, that is obvious. It is just bad form to copy someone else's stuff exactly. Have some respect and do your own work.

We worked hard to make the bend and the dimensions exactly right, going through several different versions.

Being lazy and copying someone else's work invites bad luck, in my book. If that's a broken rib, so be it.
Hy my friend, first, stop drinking !!!

1. than, listen : I bought these clamps in Italy from a dealer, I'm not the designer and the producer, I'm a normal reseller, like thousands of other dealers !
2. wishing somebody else that he has to broke his ribs & bones, is very, very bad style, i remember George Bush with his troops in Irak.

3. So i want to here now what you have to say ( permission !!! )

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