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What make and model of sidecar is this?

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2nd ride, a lovely 65 degree day in East TN. I still doing some adjusting. Toe-in /lean-out, it still has a just a bit of right pull. I called Rick at Cogent Dynamics ( they manufacture the Moab shock). He had a #400 rear shock spring at my door within hours after I called him re my saggy sag. Great customer service. There was even a roll of lifesavers in the box with my order! Wow what a difference that spring made. Hwy 129 is a great place to discover handling descirpancies. It was really interesting with the sand salt scattered in many of the 318 curves.
I'm lovin this side car.
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UNDERSTEER is when you hit the wall forwards.
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HORSEPOWER is how fast you hit the wall.
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