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How old is the battery? My Duke had the same problem when the battery was almost dead. I raised the needle one clip and replaced the battery at the same time so I'm not sure which solved it but everything is back to normal now.

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I posted this last fall on the BST 40 section but I have since replaced the carb with two others with the same results and so I feel I can rule that out.

My 99 LC4 E starts fine and runs good when cold. After its warmed up fully and ridden around a little it starts to stumble at idle and occasionally die. Especially if you try to feather the clutch and go slow but it also does it just sitting there in nuetral. It starts right up each time after it dies but then does it again right away (assuming its stull warm). When I let it sit for a while it starts to run normal but quickly begins the stumble again (as it gets warmed up faster since it didn't sit long enough to become completely cold). Im thinking it has to be electrical. The plug is new and I just cut the tip off the plug wire and screwed the cap back on with no results.

Anyone experience the same thing? Im am all ears.

Or does anyone wanna buy this bike as is for a discount in the Seattle area?
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