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Originally Posted by Countdown View Post
Problem is not just learning but then remembering!
You can buy a few gigabytes of good flash memory for pretty cheap these days.

Originally Posted by Countdown View Post
What was your source of the route in Utah?
I used the Utah map from overlaid on GE, and drew the tracks on the roads that best aligned with the GWT lines on that map.

I think you're still not quite understanding what I'm doing, but you're getting closer. Hang in there a bit more with GE and a whole new world will open up in front of you! Soon enough you too will be able to draw 750 miles of great tracks in just a couple of hours. And while you're drawing them, you're also pre-running them in a sort of virtual way. In GE you can't tell a locked gate from an unlocked gate, but you can tell the differences between a well maintained dirt road, a somewhat overgrown road, and a single track trail. And you can tell how steep things are when you get into mountains. And you can see the scenery along the route so you'll know what's the "cool" way vs the "boring" way, and the "hard" way vs the "easy" way.

Originally Posted by Countdown View Post
After a while I did see GE clearly but what is the colored highlights? Could not exactly find your tracks?
The tracks I drew near Tuba City are orange lines and pink lines. The tracks I just made for Utah are not in that GE file. The tracks from your file and wbb's file show up as blue lines. The map overlays are set to be semi-transparent, so if you zoom way way out you can sort of pick up various tints defining national parks, indian reservations, and things like that. To see the GPS tracks or map overlays, they must be "turned on" in GE. To turn things on or off, find the item in the "Places" window on the left side of the GE window, and check or uncheck the box next to that item. If you don't see the "Places" window (along with "Search" and "Layers" windows), goto the main GE menu, select "View", then check "Sidebar", or just hit Ctrl+Alt+B.
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