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Someone will have a nice vacation

Mr. Egg and I went in search of this up in western Maine:

You can go there too!

According to this web site, it's the largest hydro station in Maine. The dam and associated dikes block the Kennebec River and form (or seriously enlarge) the very long Indian Pond at its southwestern end. The river downstream from the pond is renowned for being prime rafting country.

(I spent the weekend with 30 or so of my closest friends at a warm dry ski house in Glen, NH rather than down the road with the WHACO crowd in the cold and rain (hi, guys!). M I K's photo earlier in this thread is from that. I went up to Maine Sunday.)

Head up US 201 to The Forks, Maine, turn right onto Lake Moxie Road and follow the signs for 12 miles or so to Indian Pond. The road between 201 and Lake Moxie is paved; the road between there and Indian Pond is dirt, but wide and smoother than most New England paved roads:

Watch out for moose! I saw three on this trip. One came running out of a side road directly at me, blowing right through the stop sign and without signaling! Fortunately, he made the turn without hitting me.

At the very end of the road, there's a stop sign, an open gate, and a check-in station. Wave at the nice lady (if she's there), or go into the office and tell her you'd like to check out the campground, or go in and actually register to stay there - it's a nice place (quiet, large sites isolated from each other, right next to the pond, loons crying in the evening, etc.)

Beyond the gate, turn right toward the campground, ride along the dike holding back that part of Indian Pond,

past the boat launch and picnic areas and into the campground, which is between the tall poles on the right in the photo below:

Find site 12, deep in the back:

And here's your tag shot:

Note that tree with the "Site 12" sign on it:

Look behind it at its base. Egg and accompaniments (including a nice addition from me, if I do say so myself) are nestled in a hollow there, in a plastic bag (his canvas bag was getting a bit mildew-y smelling), looking like this:

except that it's covered over with leaves and pine needles.

If the site is occupied, apologize for the intrusion, grab the packet and go. Feel free to use the boat launch / picnic area to stage your tag shot instead of the campsite. I was the only person in the entire campground the nights I stayed there and apparently, the first visitor of 2011 according to the register.

I had hoped to place the tag right at the dam, but there's a closed gate (since 9/11, doncha know) going down to it and it's not even visible from that gate, so I had to park Egg in a more prosaic spot. (And BTW, finding a spot that was easy to locate and describe but unlikely to be found inadvertently was actually hard!)

Go get him!

I'll post something about the trip and stuff to see in the area soon.
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