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Originally Posted by markjenn View Post
Funny thing is, V-Stroms (and KLRs) return a higher percentage of their initial price at resale than BMWs or Triumphs. High resale value of BMWs is a myth, IMHO. Depreciation is driven by model change and obsolescence and BMW has been among the most aggressive at introducing new technology and revising models frequently.

- Mark
my god, don't mention that over the Gspot! I don't really follow BMW used prices much ... I just always assumed re-sale was very good. Triumph I know better and resale for Triumph has not been good. Only the Street Triples have held value well ... at least for now. I've been the happy beneficiary of severe depreciation on Triumphs on several occasions.
Including my 1050 Tiger.

Really surprised to hear BMW's are not as high as most think. A year ago I tried to buy a F800GS and gave up. Too much money. I remember a friend looking for a nice used R1200RT and moaning how expensive even older, high mileage ones were. I said, "how expensive". He said 10 to 12 grand. Then I looked up a new one .... they go for about $20K new out the door, IIRC. That is a big differential.

I must admit all my past BMW's brought really good money when I sold them. But the last one was in the 90's. And 80's before that. My '81 R100RS was totally, 100% clapped out, but looked good! and it had every farkle in the world on it ... I sold for more than I paid. This is the bike I literally pushed across Canada. Had to bump start it every day for 2 weeks! (broken starter motor due to warped fly wheel)

My only other BMW was a 1980 R80GS. This bike I wished I had kept. I sold it too cheap and am sorry I didn't see the potential of it back then. Instead I went into my Japanese Super bike phase. FJR's - Ninja's - Interceptors. Owned them all.
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