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Two observations:

As previously noted, the inline six is the "perfect engine" from a balance/vibration standpoint. That's why the big rig that delivered your Tiger to the dealership has one. 6 cylinders, each roughly the size of that 2 liter of Dr Pepper you've got in the fridge, each contributing up to 200ft/lbs of torque, and engineered to last more than 1,000,000 miles.

Second observation: Triumph resale value varies quite a bit. The 600cc I-4 sportbike and it's variants have done horribly. Bonnevilles (Black, T100, and just "Bonneville") have done very, very good. I don't know about the Bonnie variants.

Bonus observation:

Me WANT Tigger!!!!!!!

sigh.... 2.1 million people in this friggin' valley and we don't have a Triumph dealer anymore. Blasted recession.

Double Bonus: Woooohoooo, century mark, 100 posts!!! Yayyy me!

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