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Originally Posted by outlaws justice View Post
Sorry, but you have me confused with yourself. I do not go around breaking the law for no good reason. Even if I wanted to I cannot afford what goes along with that, and that is a ticket. Even if I only get caught once, that would be enough to disrupt my ability to make a living.
No matter how much you wag your finger, you know you speed. 5-10mph over is speeding even if you can do it all day without getting a ticket. You have passed on a double yellow, again no matter how much you deny it.

Originally Posted by outlaws justice View Post
Can you even define Apex? Having an Apex does not mean it has to be in the other lane. On the street you treat your lane as the entire road, treat it as if you cross that double yellow in the turn that you have just left the road and are in the ditch. I ride my lines in such a manner, I still use my track technique in that I create a late entry point and in turn have a later apex so that as I exit any turn I have more room in my lane to make any necessary adjustments.
The Apex is where you or I say it is. You choose to treat the double yellow line as though it were the edge of pavement. Honestly 99% I do as well, but when the sight lines, camber, or tightness of curve let me decide to cross over, I don't hesitate and I don't see a problem with it.

Originally Posted by outlaws justice View Post
Ya, "SEEMS like the right thing to do", to me it seems like becoming a better rider makes more sense than riding in the oncoming traffic.
I become a better rider every day. Practice Practice Practice.

If there is oncoming traffic, I'll be no where near that lane. I make the decision to cross and if I decide not to, there is never a problem staying to the right of the line.

Originally Posted by Moving Pictures View Post
The only time I would cross the double-yellow to pass would be in one of those "abnormal" circumstances where there is a slow-moving vehicle (backhoe) or some such, and I'm absolutely certain that engaging in the manoeuvre won't end up with me being an F150 hood ornament. I think that's an acceptable situation, because usually, the slow-moving vehicle will move over, effectively allowing a pass without using the oncoming lane.
Which is exactly the certainty that I make my decision with as well, and I think it's acceptable too.

Originally Posted by Moving Pictures View Post
Maybe my motivations are different. But it took me 25 years to find a woman that matches me in every conceivable fashion, and frankly, I think she deserves her husband coming home. *Probably* doesn't cut it.
Every time you step out the door it's probably. Motorcycles are a much more dangerous mode of transport than a car or a bus, but you have weighed the consequences and obviously think it's worth it.

Originally Posted by Moving Pictures View Post
Actually, if you troll through my posts, you'll find I'm pretty much a safety zealot. I dare you to find me a post on this board (or any other) where I say it's OK to violate the posted speed limit..
Right here.

Originally Posted by Moving Pictures View Post
(Basic common-sense passing of a slower-moving vehicle, in accordance to accepted passing protocols, notwithstanding.)
Speeding during a legal pass is still speeding. You'll even find a few threads around here with people gripping about getting a ticket while passing when they were otherwise going the speed limit.

Point being, you think breaking the law is OK for you as long as you feel you've met your "Basic Common-sense" criteria.

Originally Posted by Josephvman View Post
It does seem like some have grouped making a safe pass on double-yellow along with using both sides of the road in cornering as the same thing, and though technically both are illegal it doesn't mean they're the same.
Never equated them as the same. The point made by one about crossing into the other lane...

Quote:'re a self-centred git who has no sense of the law
So breaking some laws is OK, but not others. They've drawn an arbitrary line of lawlessness and think somehow that makes them OK, but not others. Slippery slope that one is.
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