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I see that you're still a bit on the green side wrt the yearly odometer so a bit of advice from a slightly older model.

Don't give up on the karma thing just yet (and hear me out, I'm not a granola chewing yogi or anything like that,,, so not like that)!!!

With the good that you've spread through your RR's (many have enjoyed them including myself) and the shit that you've recently gone through,,, you've got a net positive due you in the karma department.

May not show up this week but you've got to continue believing that your positive contributions to... what... not society... the world is closer... your own existence maybe - are worth it.

Karma (IMHO) is not to be feared,,, and nurturing it along as you obviously do (cash in the cushion) can't be bad,,, how could it be?

If you haven't,,, and you've got the time (a lot of it actually), hunt down the posts by nathanthepostman. Late in the post he comes to the revelation that if he looses Dot,,, he won't really be loosing her. Obtuse, but valid.

You'll find another Dee Dee, might be a different model, year, make etc... but you'll find him/her.

Have a bit of faith that the scales of good and evil, happy and sad, right and wrong do tend to even out.

hang in there,,,
idgit (and Fatty of course)

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