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Originally Posted by Gordy View Post
I got some good time on the bike tonight!

Thank god for the knee guards. I heard a nice "clack" when my knee hit the steering stem on one of my better moves.
Done that more than a few time.

Yesterday a bunch of kids were playing around on their old heavy BMX bikes trying to pop wheelies and stuff so we brought out the trials bikes to show them some cool stuff. They were flabbergasted when Ben busted out with the rear wheel hops and pretty impressed that I could do some decent wheelies.

I watched them ride around a bit and when one of the boys actually started trying to trackstand I finally relented and lit him ride my Monty. First thing out of his mouth was "Daaaaaang! This thing is LIGHT!"

His bike didn't have any brakes so he was very impressed with the stopping power on the Monty. I showed him how to do little endos and pick up the front wheel and then showed him a video on my iTouch of some good riders and he was amazed.

Another kid was jealous of the sprocket on my bike and when we explained that it made the bike really slow he didn't believe us so I challenged him to a race. Of course he won and I felt like I was going to die but at least I proved my point.

It was pretty fun to see all the kids playing around on their bikes.
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