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Originally Posted by Wind-venture View Post
One thing I've found with the battery life relating to GPS is that the GPS feature activated means the phone is sending and receiving signals. That could mean to the cell site as well as the GPS satellites.
The GPS feature does not transmit. It only listens and amplifies. The phone radio does not need to have anything to do with the GPS. Some software that you have used may use both, but it is not a requirement. In this application it would make no sense because this app is really for use when you are in the wild. If you are on a freeway, where the radio would help, I suggest you use Google Navigation as I assume their billions of dollars can do better than I can offer in my spare time.

Originally Posted by Wind-venture View Post
You should also be able to revisit the map you downloaded in all the detail you had viewed previously. what you won't get is turn by turn updates unless you have the GPS and/or networks location features activated
If the phone has location information the software can do what it does. If it does not then this project is of little value. If I can't make this work with real time GPS data lets assume that the project dies before anyone but myself sees it in action.

So far, real time GPS info has not been a problem for me and I can keep the screen and GPS all running indefinitely on .5 amps.

I'm thinking that the people who can't keep their phones charged are having two issues.

1. Their phone is squawking for a cell tower at maximum power but they are out of range. Solution: Put phone in airplane mode.

2. They don't have a OLED display which is much more efficient than older displays and consume much less power. Solution: Get a new device.

As is the plight of us Android people, everyone's hardware is different (unlike iPhones). Users experiences will vary widely based on the quality of their equipment and the timeliness of their carriers OS updates. I use a Nexus S and get all my updates directly from Google as soon as they are available. For me, these won't be an issue. I believe all the currently made Android phones that you see advertised (the fancier ones on market) will be as capable as my phone which thus far shows excellent performance and longevity.
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