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Originally Posted by HopheadRed View Post
yeaaaahhhh... What would cause a sheared flywheel key?

I have absolutely no idea. But it would cause the timing to be off. On the list of possibilities to investigate, I'd put this way down on the bottom. Unless you verify some other way that the timing is actually off.

I just don't understand the fact that it was running previously with the DS kit - kinda makes me lean towards wiring?

The DS kit wiring and the ignition wiring should be mostly independent. The exception is the black/white kill wire. Unplug that and they should be totally separate, and the ignition should work. If you have spark, then the DS wiring isn't the issue.

Yes, the valve was not bent - He initially thought it was, but that was prior to removing the head to find the screw. He said the valve was surprisingly not damaged and seals fine.

Ok, as long as the seal was checked. These bikes are very hard to start with tight valve clearance, I figure a slightly bent valve would make it impossible.

Maybe do a leakdown test anyway?

Choke assembly and carb are in good order and clean. Spring is tight, etc.

Ok, good.

This def crossed my mind - after what I've read between here and TT, I was thinking along the lines of this knowing you have to kick this machine like you mean it. But I would think between the drill and the car-powered roller to try and bump start it it would fire.

When I first tried the e-start, I thought it was turning over the motor well but there was just no spark. I changed the CDI and got spark. I'd suggest checking for spark when using whatever powered starting gizmo you're using. If you have spark then it's good, if not you're wasting your time.
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