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Electric shifter shaft

Originally Posted by crotchrocket3000 View Post
Looks amazing, congratulations! Your klicktronic shaft looks a long way out.
It looks like a Klicktronic but I purchased it from Pingel. I don't think they just rebadged the Klicktronic but make their own (although they sure look alike). Pingle also makes an air shifter but I think those only shift up. Concerning the shaft - it really isn't a long way out (of the shifter body); I extended the shaft length with a couple of coupling nuts with the stock rod end ball joint at the end. I did this for mounting reasons to involved to explain here. There are three markings on the shaft, the middle one is when the unit is at rest (which it is the way I have it set up) and the upper and lower ones are marks to show the recommended maximum throw when shifting. I positioned the pivot point on the shift lever so whether shifting up or down, gears are selected just before the lines are reached. Although this unit works great, I like the Translogic shifter on my Hayabusa much, much better. The shifter unit is more compact, making it much easier to mount and the shift buttons on the handlebar are ergonomically much easier to access. Thanks for your "congratulations"; I sure am having fun with it
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