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Originally Posted by Wind-venture View Post
I think you mean analyze instead of amplifies. Unless you're thinking about how the receiver amplifies the signal from the antenna and pushes it into the processor?
I meant amplify because I figured that was the only place where the circuit would be consuming meaningful amounts of power. I think you are correct though, it also likely consumes a non trivial amount of power analyzing the signal as well. Still, much less than the radio. If the radio is removed from location awareness process I don't expect power consumption to be an issue.

Most of y'all have a set of experiences in your mind about how these devices work. Your experience tells you that a map application uses the cell radio and GPS to determine location. Just trust me when I tell you it doesn't need to. It is trivial to query the hardware for location updates from any 1 of 3 sources on the phone. Network, GPS, and WIFI all offer clues. I will only be requesting info from GPS because that is the only likely candidate on the trail and it should keep power consumption down.

This is why those Apps generally consumer a lot of power. A lot is going on here that won't help us out on the trail.
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