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A few random thoughts:

So it has a strong spark, but the mechanic is 100% sure the problem is electrical. Uhhhh.. ok. The spark could be at the wrong time, but the most likely cause of that is a sheared flywheel key.

Speaking of.... the drill test may not mean anything. The e-starter doesn't turn the motor over fast enough to get the CDI to fire, converted bikes usually use the TRX CDI which will fire at low speeds. The drill may not be turning the motor fast enough to get spark.
So, I just hung up with John and mentioned what you said regarding the drill. He clarified a few things for me -- The spark is strong, when it sparks. He said using the drill with the plug grounded out on the head it will spark 4-5x and than not spark again at all. Consistently inconsistent? Lol.

He said while using a car powered roller on the back wheel it will fire and run for a few seconds and die. Won't fire again for seconds and than same thing.

I'm all .....If he can't get this thing to run before I get back to town, how the hell do I go about squaring up with this guy since he's put quite a few hours into this thing but no results?!? I won't be happy paying out a bunch of cash for a bike in pretty much the same shape I dropped it off in...

He insists its electrical still - what are the chances the "working" CDI from and my existing CDI have the same issue? Would an issue with the wiring harness cause these type of symptoms? I think that's the only part of the ignition system yet to be replaced. baaaahhhhhhh!!!!!
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