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Personally, I think the cartographers deserve most of the credit. I just love maps though. They make me feel like a kid, imagining getting into adventures in the foreign lands I'm looking at on the paper.
Right with ya partner!

The hours and hours spent pouring over all kinds of maps when I was a kid gave me an appreciation for the work put into it.

Imagine the effort back in first days. Now with all of the advancements and building off the work of the old timers I suppose it's easy for some to just take it for granted.

Whenever I meet someone like that i suggest a week retreat into the wilderness... well what we have left... without any sort of modern convenience... well except for the soft tissues.. that would be just too much to ask of the ladies...

Here in SF there's so much fog we needed to invent an alternative.

That is one of the few places I've not been in the lower 48
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