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Hey Guys. I've been in Boise 3 years now. Mostly bike-less and with small child & wife. Now I should be able to sneak out a bit and take advantage of the BMW X-Challenge I got from the guys at Happy Trails recently. My main riding partner is over in Bend and we can't get together often enough. I'd like to meet some riders and get out in the sticks and stones!

The Challenge seat sucks--the worst seat I have ever experience! I'm not in to spending long stretches of time on the tarmac with this bike. Besides, it's a dirt bike. And I'm not likely to be doing many overnighters for a while although I do want to when oppurtunity knocks. So I'm thinking that a lot of the planned rides on IAMC aren't for me? I could be wrong. Right now I'm thinking day trips, trails, exploring, ... I'd like to find some folks that do DRZ type riding (although I could careless what you ride). I want dirt! Anybody doing some group rides where I could tag along or does anybody have some other ideas for finding folks?

I want to go tear it up!
Welcome. I post up rides fairly often on here. You are welcome to come along.

You said "I want to go tear it up!" Does that mean you like to ride briskly? Most of the rides posted on IAMC are more sedate rides.

I plan to do some brisk riding tomorrow on my 450.
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