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Scala G4, Zumo 665 w/ music loaded, Blackberry

Could really use some help guys and my advanced apologies if this has already been addressed.

I have the G4. On my 2010 990 ADV I have the Zumo 665 that I loaded all my music on to and finally a Blackberry. The BB is Bluetoothed to the Zumo which then links to the Scala. So far so good.

Issue #1 - Occasionally, for no particular reason when everything is on and I try to play music from the Zumo, it comes through very distorted. I shut EVERYTHING down (UGH) & start all over but linking in a different sequence. Music fine. Then, I'll get a phone call, the music cuts off as it should but then when the call is done, no music even though it stills shows as playing on the screen. Only happens intermittently.

Issue #2 - when I'm riding with my bro and we're sync'd together, I cannot listen to my music but rather have to choose FM radio only. This is ok if we're riding in an area with a signal but when you're in the back country? No music!

So is this a Scala, Zumo or Blacberry issue? Also, my company is moving us to the new iPhone 4 in about a month so I wonder if that will help anything?

I love the unit but man, it's a pain in the ass getting everything linked up correctly! Gotta be an easier way. HELP!!!!

Thanks all,
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