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yes, Yes, YES!

Originally Posted by trailrider383 View Post
Welcome. I post up rides fairly often on here. You are welcome to come along.

You said "I want to go tear it up!" Does that mean you like to ride briskly? Most of the rides posted on IAMC are more sedate rides.

I plan to do some brisk riding tomorrow on my 450.
Absolutely! Don't get me wrong, there are plenty of people out there that can smoke me. But I've been riding since the day I got a license, well more like intermittently since then, bike I can ride. I've felt like I could pretty much ride a DRZ to its max. Your 450? No way I'm sure. My Challenge? Not likely either. Adreneline surge? Bring it on!

Where you thinking about riding? I'm out in the Eagle. My butt might break by the time I got to Nampa. We've been doing a bit of car rearranging so I am truck-less and don't have anything to tow my trailer with at the moment. But I want to get out!
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