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Originally Posted by Idahosam View Post
Hum, interesting you would say that Ed, I need to ponder that.

Anyhoo, riverdoc, welcome to the fold. there are some that will entertain you here. I noticed from your profile your still a pup (younger man)who probably still enjoys extreme physical abuse and riding like the wind... well then I highly recommend hooking up with Trailrider383. He is a great guy who will give you a good workout even if only a day ride. Just be warned if he 's riding the 450 you'll enjoy the sweat.
Thanks for the welcome!

Don't feel much like a young pup and I have learned over recent years that I am not mortal Dang it. But I do enjoy a certain amount of physical abuse and riding like the wind. That reminds me, I gotta get a hold of that duck that sells disability insurance

Great, now I've been peer pressured into using smilies by the radial button that goes by the name "Bore us." Russian guy I'm guessing?
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