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Originally Posted by HopheadRed View Post
So, I just hung up with John and mentioned what you said regarding the drill. He clarified a few things for me -- The spark is strong, when it sparks. He said using the drill with the plug grounded out on the head it will spark 4-5x and than not spark again at all. Consistently inconsistent? Lol.

He said while using a car powered roller on the back wheel it will fire and run for a few seconds and die. Won't fire again for seconds and than same thing.

I'm all .....If he can't get this thing to run before I get back to town, how the hell do I go about squaring up with this guy since he's put quite a few hours into this thing but no results?!? I won't be happy paying out a bunch of cash for a bike in pretty much the same shape I dropped it off in...

He insists its electrical still - what are the chances the "working" CDI from and my existing CDI have the same issue? Would an issue with the wiring harness cause these type of symptoms? I think that's the only part of the ignition system yet to be replaced. baaaahhhhhhh!!!!!

Just had this problem, weak to almost no spark witht the e-botton. I had also done mine with a kick starter and it would start with that very well. however when the motor got hot it was very hard to start. I tested the excitor coil leads and was only getting max of 30v, your suppose to get 100v min. I installed a 200 watt stator and it works great now. I had also replaced the cdi before the stator with no results. Try there next.

Sorry, I jsut went back and read the post, you already changed the stator, but the wires may be reversed in the plug and you'll have to sort that out. But get a voltage reading from the excitor coil.
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