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Aprilia Scarabeo 500 IE

I owned one of these for a year. I used it for daily commuting on a mix of freeway, expressway, and city streets. I did a couple of long trips and a couple of two-up rides. Here are my observations:

1. If you want a freeway commuter, it is excellent. Plenty of power, good mileage, excellent storage (I'd add a top box, though). IT will out-accelerate most of the traffic and can hang out in the commuter lane, no problem. The automatic transmission is great in rush hour traffic, but the stock windscreen is terrible. I had that tall screen shown, made by Givi. It protects you, but is so tall you have to look through it. Also, your legs are somewhat protected by the leg shield, unlike on a motorcycle. Nice in the winter. But a Vespa 250 protects you better.

2. In town, it's easier than a motorcycle due to the automatic transmission, but not as easy as s smaller scooter or motorcycle (say, a 250) due to the extra weight. If your commute is only on city streets, it's more than you need.

3. If you want to ride the twisties, it is not ideal. It handles fine. The problem is the automatic transmission. It lags and bit and doesn't let you accelerate quicly out of a corner. Frustrating if your riding partner is on a motorcycle!

So, it doesn't do everything well. It is a decent scooter (once you fix the fuel clamp issue mentioned above) if you don't need something sporty. I ended up selling mine because my Vespa 250 is a better in-town vehicle, and buying a used Suzuki 650 V-Strom for longer trips and mountain riding.
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