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I did my first 2 wheel test of the software today. I did a 60 mile ride on a bicycle. Vector maps, in perspective mode, network radios shut off (airplane mode). Quite a bit of the course was under dense canopy. Pretty bumpy in places as well. I learned that it is important to fix the application in Portrait or Landscape mode because the bouncing confuses the accelerometer, the software had that feature already so that was a road side fix. The phones GPS tracked well in all locations. Speed seemed pretty accurate, but I don't have a calibrated speedo to verify, not that it really matters. Endurance wise, the app used 80% of my battery in 3 hours (it was not plugged in at all). There was also one area where the maps I rendered were not very good at all. I need to verify, but I believe the problem is in the source map file rather than the renderer, though that is just wishful thinking. All in all, a great first cycle test.
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