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Originally Posted by craftycoder View Post
Pan, zoom, add a waypoint. It will also probably talk to the music player.

I want to clarify that the remote is still just an idea. I have all the skills to implement it, except for producing an inexpensive weatherproof housing for it. I'm pretty sure I can find someone to do that portion so I may do it. The phone GPS was pretty good, so I don't exactly see the need to add an auxiliary GPS receiver at the moment. More testing will need to be done. The most compelling reason to create the remote though is so we can weatherproof our phones and still have access to map functions. That seems pretty important to me.
agreed and agreed. What about this, and I realize the amount of work that goes into this EVEN IF you decide to do it, so i'm just spitballing..... programming some hotbuttons for say, texting, and voice command. i ahve the evo, and a bluetooth dongle for music that I would mount IN myhelmet if i felt so compelled to.

To be able to answer phone calls without stopping, touching the screen etc,to be able to reply to text messages without typing, and of course music player functions.... I like where you're going with that. if you want any help I'm in for what it's worth. If you remember, we talked about the gas station map idea a while back...
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Watching Dakar is like watching people who've built their own world, and for just a couple of weeks they get to live in it.
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