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.. more additions ..

Thanks Duke and Pluric .. the Lime Green has grown on me to the point that she's definitely staying green .. and the "theme" has started to come together .. just for some fun ..

.. the obligatory cockpit shot with self portrait ..

.. new shifter .. the PO had already upgraded to a heavy duty folding one, but my size 13s needed some relief .. the original was hitting me right on the joint of the big toe just behind the shift pad .. no more .. this one hits just right ..

.. and a lift handle for the center stand .. I love that center stand ..

.. and the Skid Plate arrived and got installed yesterday .. I will have to replace that lower mounting bolt though .. I'm pretty sure I ordered the longer bolts that are made to go with the combination of the crash bars and skid plate, but that lower bolt is just (barely) long enough ..

.. and the Headlight Guard and some themed reflective stickers ..

.. and the side sticker .. ya gotta be prepared for the impending Zombie Infestation .. lol ..
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