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Originally Posted by Simplyred View Post
When you posted this answer, I immediately though it to be correct.
However, after a few days I am starting to doubt this.

This is because of a posting I just read in some Dutch Forum of the Dutch importer, where it was clearly said, that the G4 VOX-function only works correctly when there is sufficient background noise.

So, thinking along this line:

No or little background noise would mean: No or not well functioning VOX.

So, you need background noise to make it work. Hence, this opens quite a different perspective on the settings for VOX responsiveness?

Anyone out there who has already "played around" with these settings and who owns a full face integral helmet?
Originally Posted by 340hp View Post

On the VOX. I have learned the G4 senses background noise when it's turned on to set a minimum threshold of noise to ignore, and the VOX is looking for a total db value of combined voice & background noise level to activate.

If you power up the G4 without the bike engine running the VOX seldom works well once the engine is pulling you down the road. The engine & road noise alone will already exceed the threshold expected for combined background & voice and the VOX essentially disables itself unless you yell and scream into the mike.

I have learned to power up the G4 after the engine is running, with the helmet face flipped up or the helmet in my hands to let the system sense the conditions closer to the background noise while riding, and the VOX works much better. The auto volume level (AGC) control also works better, allowing the sound level to power through ear plugs (although the ear-bud or quality speaker mod may be in my future for improved fidelity at the resulting high volume level).


Some experimenting is in order I think. If no one else beats me to this I'll play around with this, this week.
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