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Heath and I rode through Daggett Creek yesterday ~ it was wild. The creek blew-out this year, and started a new creek ~ it wasn't nearly as kind to us as the previous creek was. Between the water flow, and the new path, the sweat was pouring off us both trying to get through it.

We often tried to ride was was left of the trail, only to have our bike wash out and land in the creek anyway... as was the case here. Heath tried to run the same like I couldn't make, and was greeted with a wet face-plant into Daggett Creek. I was laughing too hard to be of any use to him getting his bike back up, but managed to pull the camera out, after he'd gotten the bike upright.

Backing up a bit, to the Y where 8th T's into BRR,m it was a beautiful a day out.

We went up BRR to the Daggett turn off, and immediately hit snow. We plowed through it, and was soon out of it as we lost elevation.

It was very green an beautiful down in there.

It didn't take long for the 'trail' to be swallowed by the rushing creek. Usually, it's a very clear creek, so you can pick your path through the wet rocks. Not today. Today it was dark brown from all the run off, and you had no idea what lurked beneath the water. You just had to hit the gas and hang on ~ as a result, we had multiple tip-overs from hitting large, unseen rocks and bouncing our front tire off of them.

As you can see, this 'new' trail where the creek plowed a new path, is very unforgiving. Large rocks are eagerly waiting to knock a hole in your case. As a result, I had to got slow enough to ensure my dad's cases made it through in one piece (I was on my dad's XT225).

This is where he stopped for our 1st breather. I was near the puke-stage at this point.

Ironically, there was a cross stuck in the ground. All I could think of, was some poor fool took a KLR down in there, and his friend put him out of his misery, buried him, and burned the bike.

This was one of the rare times where we could pull out of the creek to the bank to get a break... then you dropped right back into the creek again.

After catching our breath, we took off again.

We got out of the creek, only to start the hill climbing. I don't have a picture of the most nasty one, because I was too tired to even breath properly, let alone, pull out the camera. However, Heath had a video cam on his head, and I'm sure he's going to have some hysterical footage of my pulling a Superman up that hill (laying on the tank, hanging off the back... hanging onto the handlebars for dear life).

Heath bounced his front tire up this... nearly pulling it back on himself twice. He was running 15/45 up this crap, making his clutch work for it's life.

Once we got up top, it mellowed out quite a bit, as we dropped down Lower Daggett onto Clear Creek.

The views were beautiful from the ridge.

One last obstacle to overcome... then we were home free.

The ride gets a A+... but you'd better be in shape for it, with a great rear tire. We were neither, so we were huffing and puffing our way through it.
Ride your own ride & enjoy your ride.

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