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Burning fuses

Oinky I'm looking at a wiring diagram and see that the fuse is not in line with your starter---so I'm thinking that that your starter is not involved with your blowing fuses. Of the circuits that are fed downstream from the fuse I suspect that the fan motor circuit is the most likely to be blowing your fuses. Trace your 'hot' wire back from the fan connector to the starter relay looking for a place where it may be grounding to the frame. You might also disconnect the fan at it's connector and run the bike ---if it continues to blow fuses (use 10 amp fuses only) then you can look elsewhere for your problem. It seems to me that if you have a grounded circuit anywhere downline from your starter relay it will present a abnormal drain on the battery which seems to fit the symptoms you describe-----and in that case a new battery will not cure your problem Other circuits fed off the fuse would include your starter button, ignition switch, regulator rectifier (my number two suspect), and your light switch and speedometer. I'm just guessing but think the fan and a blown rectifier in your regulator and the #1 and #2 suspects.

Baha Rat-----thanks for the heads up on "Superplush" I'll check that out.
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