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Originally Posted by gweaver View Post
Don't suppose you could come up with some sort of diagram or something? I can visualize the bottle and tubing to the sprocket, but how's the primer button plumbed in? The one's I'm familiar with are simply a bulb with no back. Got a link to an example? And then does that plumb in to the back of the bottle?

There are photos on VSRI somewhere. I couldn't find them quickly the other day or I'd have linked them.

ASCII art Front sprocket ------------------Primer---------Bottle-----air vent

The primers have a squishy plastic button on top, at the back two tubes and markings saying "in" and "out". Most places that repair small motors will have complete primers in stock as spares.

"out" side goes to a hose which feeds into a hole drilled into my front sprocket cover.

"in" side goes into one hole in the top of the bottle and goes to near the bottom of the bottle. Just drill two holes in the cap slightly too tight and force the tubing through.

There's another hole in the cap which has a piece of hose fed in just through the top and leads up up high somewhere with some open cell foam stuffed in the end - just to let air into the system.

Hardly ever needs filling, and since I got the doses right doesn't drip on the floor.

Simple and as bulletproof as I've seen. Electronics is nice and all, but this doesn't need that complexity.

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