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Originally Posted by eddyturn View Post
I like this helmet a lot but I too am having the pressure point at the top of my forehead. Really gives me a headache too. I took a spoon to put a little dip in the foam but that is not working. The liner in the helmet has a seam and bulge right there and leave a big ole mark on my forehead when I take it off. I hope I can get this worked out and not have to sell the thing.

It is quiet. I stood up on some dirt last weekend and got out from behind the shield and it was totally quiet and I didn't feel the wind like with my Scorpion 900.
Originally Posted by GS Addict View Post
Carefully take a spoon and work the foam down in that precise area behind the seam.
It worked for me, I found mine was just a little tight on the forehead area.
Repeated working with the back side if the spoon made the helmet fit perfectly.
Originally Posted by lhendrik View Post
On the road this week with my new C3. I love the helmet, but I have the exact same dent in my forehead and headache after 1 1/2 hour. Tried compressing the foam with some force, but only minor temp relief. That foam is hard as a rock, it ain't gonna wear in! Compressing foam with hammers and spoons seems as dumb as cutting away some foam. Finally, at a stop for rest I took my leather man super sharp blade and after peeling back the liner, I shaved some of the foam off (gasp from product liability lawyers and DOT). It seems to have helped. I'm probably going to do a flap-ectomy on that little winter flap that covers the vent holes as it is definitely contributing to the irritation. So what if I have permanently scarred my $700 helmet, it WORKS.

BTW, I installed my old Camos BTS-200 blutooth headset in ten minutes. Looks like ass stuck on the side, but it works, and I can use the $400 I saved on the SRC headset for a tank of gas...
I spent about 30 minutes in a C3 at the local BMW dealer and developed a fore head hot spot. I like the helmet but did not buy it out of concern for head pain.

For those who have done some internal foam work, how was it working with Schuberth's "...specially optimized EPS foam" (see pic below)? It looks different from most helmet foams and feels harder to the touch than regular EPS foam.

Thanks for the help mates.

Can anyone post a pic of their modded internal foam??


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