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I spent about 30 minutes in a C3 at the local BMW dealer and developed a fore head hot spot. I like the helmet but did not buy it out of concern for head pain.

For those who have done some internal foam work, how was it working with Schuberth's "...specially optimized EPS foam" (see pic below)? It looks different from most helmet foams and feels harder to the touch than regular EPS foam.

Thanks for the help mates.

Can anyone post a pic of their modded internal foam?? :clap


Would really appreciate photos or detail about this as well.

I have a C3 and really like it... but after about 45 minutes I have the hot-spot problem. I don't actually feel it until quite a bit longer, but the 45 minute point is where it shows up. And stays visible for at least 30 minutes.

Given that long distance riding and commuting is my thing, it means that I cannot really use the lid much.

A couple of other points - I'm happy that a lot of people don't seem to have this problem. But given how many -have- had it, I don't think it's exactly right to dismiss it as a non concern.

Also, it's a bit frustrating as you cannot really discover it until you've worn it far longer than most anyone would when trying them on.
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