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Originally Posted by Motodisiac View Post
I too have mounted Scala Q3 my my Schuberth C3 and it worked fine until double stick tape started peeling off. Now that I got Schuberth SRC system installed I do not have to worry about it, but it burned a $$ hole in my pocket.

If you search for Shuberth C3 Scala you will find a thread where I posted a pictures of install.


Hi Motodisiac, (and all those of you who have a scala installed on your C3),

This is my first post here on this forum. (Long time lurker)

I took a look at the thread you mentioned. Looking at the pics of the scala installed on the C3, does having the scala installed through the neck roll and leaving such a gap not defeat the purpose of the neck roll and let wind noise into the helmet?

I just bought a C3, and was contemplating installing my scala, but am worried that wind noise will be introduced into the helmet by doing so.

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