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Well, I just ordered a Model-30 to install in the nose of my sidecar to see how it handles being inset into the bodywork like that.

There will be some air gap around it due to the size of the well and the diameter of the lamp, so that should allow some cooling, the question is whether it will be enough.

On the existing 35watt H3 bulb PIAA lamps the manufacturer actually wrapped the OD of the lamp housings with a closed-cell foam to fill in the extra space around the lights, and the bulbs are not overheating.
So if I leave the gap open I am hoping that the lower power Model-30 will be alright.

I will report back after I get a chance to try it.

I also ordered one the new waterproof LED voltmeters to install on the other bike.
I will give a review of it as well.
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