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Originally Posted by Adv Grifter View Post

On the Tiger 800: I'm not sure how much more Triumph could have done, or done better. Sure, they could have gone further ... but what would the bike cost? Also, consider the long term development cycle. You never fire all your guns at once. Look at Honda's long running CBR600 as an example of making use of periodic development cycles ... they've stretched the model out over 20 years ... and it's still a good seller for them.

In this market I'd guess Triumph purposely have erred on the conservative side all the way along, both on styling and engineering. This won't be their last T800/XC Tiger.

They also know that only about 10 to 15% ever take their bikes in any sort of challenging off road conditions. So why spend a fortune making a better off road bike?

IMHO, at some point in future they should offer a Dakar Kit or Dakar version or some such ... up grading everything, taking off a few kgs., better suspenders, butch it up a bit. Think it would sell?
Great comments. And I agree with you that Triumph was conservative and are not wasting all their ammunition at once. They are probably banking on the success of their triple engines and I think they can rely on that for a few years.

About the 10-15% who will take their bikes on serious off-road situations:
I think the number of people who really need better suspension and better off-road characteristics on a bike may even be less than 10%. That could be the reason why BMW themselves have been reluctant to create a more off-road version of the F800GS. They probably know that such niche bikes carry mostly marketing value (advertisement of the brand, brand imagery). More off-road vehicles are likely to have no economies of scale because of the higher cost to produce such bikes and the small number of people who buy them. HP2 is an example at hand.

I doubt Triumph will need to go there in the next 4 years to maintain a market position, as they are just in this market with a brand new product line. BMW, on the other hand, may be expanding their line up to off-road bikes via Husqvarna. The ball is now on BMW's court to raise the bar...
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