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Well, I went up to my place in Cascade for a few days, hoping for cooperative weather, yea right..

Shot from a few weeks ago rode up on the 990 then, rained the whole time

Yup, Mi Sierra Casa; no internet, couple of PBS stations.

So fast forward I spent most of this week up there on the DRZ, felt more like early October than first part of June. cold, windy and rainy. anyway rode around looking for a way over towards Council No matter which way I went at around 5000 feet snow, a lot of snow.

anyway here's a few shots I took riding around up there. Going to be a a while before the passes start opening up; guess I'll have to change my Hells Canyon routing this year!

I remember I almost bought this place back in 95, shortly after retiring from the military.. I came very close to it but the wife talked me out of it.

Oh well just a few shots cause my camera died and I left the charger cable at home.

I know nothing as exciting as one of Ryan's day adventures but that's all I have.

See you out there
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