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Originally Posted by hppyfngy View Post
How are Dutch's tarp flyz better than 9's? They're kind of expensive for something I'll lose...

I've been using cheap plastic 9's from MSR. Work for me...
I thought that they'd be easy to lose, too, but since they kinda live on the line --- and don't move freely on it -- they seem pretty secure.

I have two sets. One set is on those lines in my picture above. The other set is split between being stored on a 50' piece of ZingIt (or LashIt -- whichever one is yeller ) and a piece of cord around my neck. (It makes a pretty cool necklace. ) I'd pretty much have to lose the pieces of string to lose the Tarp Flyz.

I'm currently using Figure 9s on my tieouts, BTW.

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