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Originally Posted by Shunka View Post
Interesting Red. I have been experimenting this week and will try that tomorrow. The damn think works fine in my office with our core switch running in the background but once I get on the bike its like the phone can hardly hear me...hmmm just had a thought. Wonder if its my phone and not the cardo...might need some more time on this...
It is, isn't it? I wonder though WHY the way how to approach the vox system is NOT in the manual if it is that crucial as the Cardo Support person said?
That should be in the manual, in stead of letting users try to find that out on their own.

At least I can almost definitely say, that I always HAVE been using SHORT commands, as I mostly end up calling my sons name (which is Kevin). And that is not very loooooooooooong.... So this could be the solution if that really works.

Another thing that someone mentioned is that things changed for him not at the update to version 3.0, but only AFTER he changed his vox settings in version 3.0. If this is true, it could be that changes made in 3.0 vox settings trigger new software to actually be installed/used that is not if you keep your settings, even when you have updated to version 3.0
Although I can not confirm this myself, it is an interesting thought. There can be changes in subroutines that only get called during change of vox responsiveness setting. It is a possibility.
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