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Is the Lowrance Baja viable for large offroad GPS?

So I have been a garmin user for 20 years. I ride 95% offroad and currently use a GPS 60CSx. I am very familiar with the GPS and Mapsource, creating my own IMG maps, etc. I have multiple sources of IMG maps for Canada and the US. The *only* thing I dont like is that there is no large screen (e.g. 5") waterproof Garmin GPS that does a decent job of topo.

I purchased a Zumo 660, loaded on my topo maps, and it was crap. I have tried a large screen android tablet - but no luck with a waterproof rugged case. The Oregon is OK, but really not a big enough screen.

So, in comes the Lowrance Elite 5M Baja. Waterproof, Big screen, built for offroaders. Expensive too. But...

Can I convert my Garmin IMG maps and load them into the device?
Will the conversion be OK?
Does it do a good job of displaying topo?

Any garmin users have experience with this unit?
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