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Originally Posted by k1973 View Post
I know what you mean Mike. I have the Super Duke's English cousin, a Triumph Speed Triple. I have a month long 8,500 mi trip planned for late summer and was in the process of setting up Speedy for the trip. I fab'd up a rack for Pelican 1550's, added a 60L dry duffel, and was about to do a few other mods, when I finally decided I didn't want to do that to Speedy. So I jumped on a deal for a 2010 SMT. I don't have any experience on the other bikes you mentioned. But another inmate (milq) as also made the move to the SMT. He was coming off of a V-Strom 1000 (I think) and really like the change.
Yep, I had a V-strom and I am not regretting the change one little bit. The strom was not a bad bike at all but it didn't "move" me I guess. It was trouble free and comfort was OK but the SMT is sooo much better in the ergo and suspension departments (for me). I also have a Speed Triple and I love it, but it isn't meant for long distance travel (I'm 6'2"/250 lbs). I rode the triple today for the first time in a week and it still puts an evil grin on my face, so I think it will be sticking around.

The SMT will be getting some sort of top case (likely a pelican) for longer trips but I'll be using a smaller tail bag for daily use.

BTW...T-bags has a close out tailbag for $29.95 with free shipping.
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