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Originally Posted by DRONE View Post
Getting back to the title of this thread, I was at DMC today and had a chance to eyeball this new "grande" M72DX. The extra 4" in width is not that noticeable, but man o man the trunk is now way bigger! There was some dead space behind the seat on the old M72 that's been eliminated by relocating the divider between the trunk and the passenger compartment. Add that to the 4" in extra width, and the trunk looks cavernous. Plus the weight is now shifted a little bit forward. I like my sidecar, but this one is so nice it's making me think that if I crack into a tree or something it won't be so bad because I can replace my tub with this one!
i'm glad you like hte DX...
john and i were the first to go with it
i know it was the right decision for me... i'm glad that you (who has infinitely more experience that i do) agree. can't wait to fill up that trunk before going on a nice long trip
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