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awesome sporty john.

Wobble update: Got new avons installed. Wobble is gone! terribly awesome.

Now of course there has to be a new issue. I removed the rear caliper to get the wheel out and after it was reinstalled I had no brake pressure at the rear. A little searching around and I discovered I must not have aligned my pads in the retainer clip and the caliper was skewed, allowing the top of the caliper to canter outwards from the wheel. I removed the pads and reinstalled them, and applied brake pressure while tightening the pin bolt. Now I have pressure and a working brake!

But, after a quick ride, the front rotors are just barely warm and the rear is pretty damn hot. I'm dragging, but I'm not sure what to adjust at this point.

Anybody out there have any ideas?

Even now, the caliper moves a bit when pressure is applied. It seems like it would/should, since there's no rear fasteners holding this thing in place, just 2 pins.
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